* AMCL Quality and Business Services
* Clinical Services
* Allied Health
* Diagnostic Services
* Non-Clinical Services
* Professional Services
* Practice Support Services
* Lifestyle Services
* Business Objectives

The Australian Medical Co-operative Limited (AMCL) is a member based for profit organisation established and owned BY doctors and run FOR the benefit of doctors.

It is effectively a market vehicle or buying and selling group, consisting of GPs, which enables and legitimises the return of benefits to members in return for their strong support of service partners both clinical and non clinical.

Registered under respective Co-operatives legislation in each state of the Commonwealth, the AMCL offers its members comprehensive access to a broad range of clinical and lifestyle services. In return, AMCL supports the providers of these services with quality and business services.

AMCL Quality and Business Services

* Quality Assurance
* Accreditation assistance
* Education
* Marketing
* Business Development & Management

Profits generated from these AMCL activities are distributed to the members. The Co-operative structure aims to ensure members retain control of patient management and that the future of Independant General Practitioners is protected and enhanced.

The Co-operative was established to provide, among other things, General Practitioners with an alternative to Corporatisation. Owned by the Members, the aim is to provide high quality primary care to patients through the provision of Allied Health, Diagnostics and Practice Support from carefully selected providers.

In addition, the Co-operative has a network of service partners and preferred providers encompassing the broader professional, lifestyle and family aspects of the General Practitioners life. These services work together to 'make life easier' for the independant GP.

Through the economic strength of a growing member base, the Co-operative delivers to members the advantages of a larger commercial structure. This includes the ability to align with/establish allied health care centres and form strategic alliances with other health care providers, while at all times maintaining the independance of the General Practitioner.

Underlying the business philiosophy of the Co-operative is a focus on high quality patient outcomes, professional development opportunities for doctors and financial independance for members.

The Australian Medical Co-operative Limited is uniquely comprehensive in it's offer of end-to-end care for all patient classification, whether they be compensable, private, veteran, pensioner or EPC.

Clinical Services

AMCL is aligned with service providers of the highest quality across all areas of the business. From your physio to your Nuclear Medicine physician, you can be assured, if they are on your AMCL referral pad they have met the highest standards of quality in both treatment and facility. Not only will your patient be treated professionally and efficiently, but you will receive reports of the highest standard in the lowest possible turnaround time.

Allied Health


o Physiotherapy
o Hand Therapy
o Hydrotherapy
o Massage Therapy
o Psychology
o Nutrition and Dietetics
o Podiatry
o Orthotics and Lower Limb Biomechanics
o Speech Pathology (Paediatric/Bankstown)
o Occupational Rehabilitation
o Work Condioning

Diagnostic Services

o Pathology
o Radiology
o Nuclear Medicine

Non-Clinical Services

The Co-operative has progressively developed a broad range of member services, which will provide members with tangible benefits. Not only will members save time and effort searching out the best products, services and prices, they will notice a considerable benefit to the hip pocket with direct financial returns, rebates, discounts and free services.

While primarily the focus is on improving the ease of managing the day-to-day needs of a general practice, patient management and all the nuances that go with it, we are also working to support the personal and lifestyle facets of General Practitioners' lives. Services include:

Professional Services

o Legal Services
o Pre Approved Finance
o Insurance
o Accounting Services
o Financial Planning

Practice Support Services

o Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)
o Prescription Delivery Service
o Accreditation, Preparation and Assistance
o Business Supplies and Office Products
o Online Patient Consulting Services
o Medical Waste
o Property Repairs and Maintenance Services

Lifestyle Services

o Motor Vehicle Sourcing
o Travel Services
o Wine Club
o Golfing Equipment
o Air Conditioning Solutions
o Property Repairs and Maintenance Services

These services are continually reviewed and expanded in line with member feedback.

Business Objectives

The ultimate objective of the Co-operative is to develop a national membership base, which will comprise 20+% of the overall GP population. The numbers of GPs associated with that goal will achieve a level of economic influence and strength that is undeniable.

Through developing relationships and partnerships with reputable service providers, the Co-operative is able to offer the highest standard of patient outcomes, patient management and support for General Practitioners, along with improved financial independance. The AMCL is rapidly expanding to achieve our target of 1000+ GP members by 2010.

The purpose of the Co-operative is solely to look after GPs, their patients and their families; to support them in delivering quality patient care, to make life easier, more rewarding and more enjoyable. On their terms and their agenda.