Aims and Strategies

The long-term objective of the Co-operative is to develop a national membership base, which will comprise approximately 20% of the overall GP population.

The numbers associated with the above goal will achieve a level of economic influence and strength that is undeniable.

Through developing relationships and partnerships with existing and established service providers, the Co-operative is able to offer outstanding patient outcomes and clinical solutions for General Practitioners, along with financial benefits. Through the partnering with service providers the AMCL will look to rapidly expand into new areas, with an anticipated membership of 1000+ by the end of 2010.

However the aims of the Co-operative to service its members are no longer simply of a clinical nature.

The Co-operative is working extensively with lifestyle, home, practice and business providers to offer solutions to assist with the day-to-day demands on General Practitioners and their families.

Current Discount Member Services include:

  • Accreditation Preparation and Assistance
  • Computer Supplies including Hardware
  • Financial Services
  • Home and Practice Repairs and Maintenance
  • Legal Services
  • Medical and Surgical Supplies
  • Motor Vehicle Sourcing
  • Office Supplies
  • Practice Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and Accommodation Services
  • Wine Club
  • Insurance and Investment Advice
  • Medical Waste Services
  • Online Patient Services

These services are set to expand rapidly in the next 12 months as the AMCL membership grows.