About Us

The Australian Medical Co-operative Limited is a member-based, for-profit organisation established and owned by doctors for doctors.

Registered under the New South Wales Co-operatives Act (1992), the AMCL provides for a network of allied health services, where derived profits are distributed to the members. The Co-operative structure aims to ensure Members retain control of patient management and protects their position as Independent Practitioners.

The Co-operative was established to provide, among other things, General Practitioners with an alternative to Corporatisation. Owned by the Members, the aim is to provide extended quality patient care through the provision of Allied Health and diagnostic services from carefully selected providers, whilst improving practice income.

In addition the Co-operative has a network of service partners, encompassing the clinical, lifestyle and family aspects of the General Practitioners life. These services work together to 'make life easier' for the Independent GP.

Through the economic strength of the broad member base, the Co-operative achieves all the corporate advantages of a commercial structure. This includes the ability to align with/establish allied health care centres and form strategic alliances with other health care providers.

Underlying the business philosophy of the Co-operative is a focus on high quality patient outcomes, professional development opportunities for doctors and financial independence for members.